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Join us in the green revolution!

By making plant-based food a convenient choice for your everyday life and supplying you with tips and tricks on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, Yummy Greens makes loving plants, your body, and all beings easy and delicious.

Everything you choose to consume has a direct impact on our planet. How we spend our money is a representative vote for what we support. Animal-food production creates more greenhouse gases than cars, trains, buses, and airplanes combined. Choosing a plant-based diet reduces your carbon footprint by an incredible 70%! Our wish is to help more people enjoy plant-based food while reducing negative environmental impact. From saving energy and water to lowering carbon emissions, protecting farmlands and supporting biodiversity, eating plants is an easy way to vote for the continued health of all living things.

The evidence is clear: Plant-based eating benefits beyond the scope of one life – your health and happiness, the environment and animals, the quality of life for all is improved.

With Yummy Greens, your compassionate lifestyle has never been so delicious.

The Benefits



Plant-based food lowers your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar and has even been shown to prevent cancer and increase lifespan.



By eating organic and locally farmed plants, you drastically reduce your carbon footprint and save water, forests, and oceans from overuse, overfishing and deterioration.


Animal rights

Nothing humane happens in a slaughterhouse. Since receiving nutrition from animals is not critical for survival, maltreatment of animals does not need to be supported.


why wait?

be the change

that benefits you, our environment and the animals we love

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Hi, I’m Anna, the driven soul behind Yummy Greens. I aim to teach and give as I live, which is to minimize negative impact on myself and others as well as maximize the health of our beautiful planet. My entrepreneurial spirit sparked as a child baking cakes and snacks and selling them around my neighbourhood, and my fascination with nutrition stirred throughout school and my proceeding world travels and cultural studies. Settling in Oslo in 2016, I got a job in a restaurant and met Nathalie – a fellow plant-lover and inspired vegan cook.

Working at a restaurant with one vegetarian main course, we kept it interesting by bringing our own healthy meals. Our colleagues quickly took notice and wanted to know all the recipes behind our beautiful and filling meals. Nathalie had an idea: the need for pre-made healthy food boxes was not just amongst our colleagues, but all over Oslo. Information about plant-based food and the vegan lifestyle was a clearly complementary need within the Nordic culture, too. Fast forward two years: We both quit our jobs at the restaurant to bring plant-based food and education to Oslo and beyond!

Our planet’s natural resources are awe-inspiring and abundant, but only if we live in harmony with them. We find our greatest inspiration from nature, and we are committed to serving it with you one yummy meal at a time.